There comes a ti…

Jeremy Taff

There comes a time, usually sooner than later, when a student realizes something about attending the University: It can cost a tremendous amount of money.
That’s when making use of the wealth of resources this University has to offer — Coffman Union for one — can help.
With more than five floors packed full of student organization offices, study rooms, cafeterias, restaurants and a bowling alley, Coffman is a place where many students eat, sleep, study and play throughout the day. And according to campus mythology, the building looks like a giant gopher when viewed from Northrop Mall.
Making use of the many resources available can be mind boggling. But that’s where the first-floor Coffman Union Information desk staff can help.
“In the game Monopoly, we’re ‘Go,’ but we don’t give out $200,” said Molly Balcom from behind the information desk at the union. “But you can get change here and the lost and found is here.”
Coffman houses more than 30 clubs, student organizations and cultural centers on top of the Whole Music Club, the Studio and the Gameroom, which contains several pool tables, an arcade and a bowling alley in the basement.
“Just explore it,” theater senior Balcom said. “The way that I’ve found the things this University has to offer was to totally stumble into them.”
Matthew Wigg agrees; Wigg is a staff member at the Studio, a creative workspace used to make pottery and crafts.
“Check out the whole place, it’s big,” Wiigs said. “Don’t assume everything is on the first floor.”
The union is a frequent backdrop for political rallies and shameless promotions throughout the year. A drag-fest lip sync show was held in front of the union before the Minnesota Student Association elections last spring. And a giant-sized, blown-up can of Coca-Cola’s Surge could be spotted in front of the union next to a huge pile of green snow last winter. Expect more of the same and enjoy the free stuff.
For those truly thrifty students, USAVE is located on the ground floor of the union. At USAVE, students can score discounts on anything from amusement park tickets to automotive service.
“Take advantage of the system while you can,” said Gameroom staff member and sophomore Molly Kopka. “Especially in your freshman year, when you’re so close to Coffman Union.”
Kopka said that during spring quarter the Gameroom had “psychedelic bowling” every Wednesday and Saturday night. Staff members blared loud music, cranked up the fog machine and turned on a lot of black lights for the event. She said psychedelic bowling will be held again in the fall.
“We crank up the music pretty loud,” Kopka said. “Bring in your own music, and we’ll play it for you.