Regarding Dr. Date entry ‘To wrap or not to wrap’

The opening response to a Dr. Date question from last Tuesday’s Minnesota Daily reads, “If your girlfriend diligently uses birth control, you don’t have much to worry about.”

Hello, ever heard of STDs? Despite the writer’s optimistic and dismissive claim that “we both are clean,” statistics would suggest it is still a great possibility that unprotected sex is likely to be risky behavior. Chlamydia remains at high levels in college-age folks, often asymptomatic, with possibly serious long-term effects.

While chlamydia is easy to test for, it’s also easy to assume you don’t need testing because you don’t exhibit symptoms. It’s always hard to know how “clean” your partner really is.

It’s really irresponsible to suggest that “the most important thing about sex is that you’re comfortable.” The most important thing about sex is that you are both comfortable and that you are both safe.