Culture Compass: Sleigh Bells, “Thrift Shop” and Dr. Ruth

A&E plans your weekend. You’re welcome, dolls.

Lucy Nieboer



Ben Gibbard

Woman’s Club of Minneapolis

410 Oak Grove St., Minneapolis

8 p.m.


All Ages


Death Cab for Cutie frontman Ben Gibbard embarks solo on a tour to mend his broken heart. Recently split from the effortlessly quirky and always annoying Zooey Deschanel, Gibbard’s swoon-inducing tunes from his new album “Former Lives” show off all the poetic beauty of his Death Cab lyricism with a pinch more uptempo cheer than his previous works. Perhaps the real Zooey wasn’t so happy-go-lucky behind closed doors. Here’s to new beginnings Mr. Ex-Deschanel; we’ll sway mellowly to that.




Sleigh Bells

First Avenue Mainroom

701 First Ave., Minneapolis

8 p.m.




Sleigh Bells’ new album may be called “Reign of Terror,” but it should be called “Reign of Loud Noises.” After their summer on the festival circuit, this Brooklyn based duo has taken their signature style of hardcore guitar and sweet nostalgic vocals, doused it in angst and turned up the volume. Their show at First Ave. will surely be a rocking, ear-shattering good time. Get off your throne of study materials, throw your crown on the ground, cut loose a bit and join the mosh pit.




Xcel Energy Center

175 W. Kellogg Blvd., St. Paul

8 p.m.


All Ages

Madge hasn’t been like a virgin for a number of decades, but what she lacks in youth she makes up for in spirit. This tour, her ninth worldwide, you may see more varicose veins than previous tours, but our material girl has plenty of over-the-top costume changes, sexy dance sequences and flashy effects to keep you pretty preoccupied.

Her lucky star may be burning up quickly, but we think this gap-toothed gal has a couple good years left. Get her while she’s hot.




Eat this: Half-price Halloween candy


Nothing makes a daunting analytical essay go faster than rewarding yourself with an M & M or Skittle after every completed sentence. Use a little classical conditioning (define that term) to finish your schoolwork in a timely manner. Make like Pavlov’s home dogs and eat all the All Hallows’ Eve leftovers before the ghosts of roommates present swipe your stash.

Disclaimer: You may gain five pounds a paragraph.


Watch this: “Thrift Shop” Music Video — Macklemore & Ryan Lewis


Used clothing never looked so fly. Touted by Seattle’s hottest new hip-hopper, we learn to love the goods of Goodwill. Taken on a journey through the world of thrift, we get to experience the highs of a great find (vintage fur coats) and the lows of a disappointing bargain buy (broken keyboard). As a quintessential child of the ’90s, these dudes know the stuff our generation loves: footie pajamas, profanity and saving money. Macklemore and Lewis’s cheeky spin on the perks of being poor will have you laughing and poppin’ your booty to the beat.


Follow This: @AskDrRuth


Dr. Ruth doesn’t just give sex advice. Our favorite little old lady has taken her raunchy rules of life to the interweb. Imagine the hilarity that would ensue if your grandma openly shared her astute sexual knowledge on her very own twitter account.

The 84-year-old doc uses her 21st century soapbox to share pics (mainly of herself hanging out with other celebrities), crack jokes and look on the bright side. About Hurricane Sandy she tweets, “10 million could lose power. Making love by candlelight romantic but don’t get too rowdy, u don’t want to start fire.” RT. RT. RT.