Two car crashes involving U students occur within blocks

University Avenue proved to be a tough stretch of road Wednesday as two car accidents involving University students occurred within two blocks of each other.

At 10:28 a.m., police responded to a two-car collision at the intersection of University Avenue and Huron Boulevard Southeast. Shortly thereafter, an ambulance arrived to treat a student who had suffered a swollen forehead in the crash.

A maroon van heading east on University Avenue smashed the student’s black Chevrolet Lumina, which was turning south on Huron Boulevard. The collision caused significant damage to both vehicles and deployed air bags.

The driver of the van said he thought he ran a red light and was responsible for the crash.

An ambulance arrived shortly after police to treat the student.

Less than three hours later, about 1 p.m., police responded to another crash, this time at the intersection of University Avenue and 25th Avenue Southeast.

A black Honda Civic collided with the rear passenger side of an Oldsmobile Alero as it turned north onto 25th Avenue, deploying air bags and sending both cars spinning. At least one of the drivers was a student, who said he was on his way to class. Neither driver was injured.

The accident victims asked not to be named and the incident report was unavailable Wednesday.

– Sam Darcy