Readers respond: Sexual misconduct policy, UMPD mental health officer

Readers respond to Minnesota Daily stories.

Eva Weigman and John Bush

Response to “Policy draft would make reporting process for sexual misconduct clearer at UMN”

I hope that through amending the sexual assault policy, the University may offer more protection and support to students throughout the entirety of the reporting process. Victims should not have to worry that their University will fail to validate their claims or work to help them in whatever capacity needed.

I agree that the policy as it currently stands uses unclear and vague language. In addition, I agree that the school does not make great enough efforts to seek student input and consider the needs of those most vulnerable. Hopefully this draft is an indication that the school understands the severity of sexual assault and is making a greater effort to increase resources and their visibility to victims.

If the amendment is approved by all committees, I hope that the University will continue increasing its efforts to expand the sexual assault resources. In that process, I hope that they will turn to the student body to gain insight on what needs remain unmet.

Eva Weigman

University of Minnesota student

Response to “University of Minnesota Police add mental health officer”

The Minnesota Daily published an article on Feb. 27 about the addition of a mental health officer to the University of Minnesota Police Department. The article detailed how mental health needs on campus have greatly increased in the past 10, years and that the addition of an officer with mental health expertise will help significantly.

Metal health is a serious issue and has been overlooked and thought of as a joke for a long time. It is nice to see that the UMPD and Boynton are working together to combat the previously unfit system.

The University provides a handful of services, such as Boynton Mental Health Clinic, Student Counseling Services, PAWS and more for relieving stress and helping with mental health issues.

Mental health is a serious issue and, as a current student at the University, I am proud that our school and police are working to help those who are in need.

John Bush 

University of Minnesota student