Michael Pennock

Michael Pennock, the Socialist Workers Party candidate for the U.S. House of Representatives, said the biggest issue this election is the current economic crisis, which he said is “heading to a factory near you.”
Pennock said the country is made up of the working people and a very small “ruling class.”
“They all support private profit at the expense of working people, and I think we have to have our interests represented.”
He said protests and strikes show that people will rally around the workers, rather than large business interests.
Pennock said he would support shutting down the military, and using the budget to pay for a variety of social programs, including education for all.
Pennock also said factories, mining companies and other basic industries should be nationalized and “run by working people.”
While he supports a steep income tax to “tax the rich,” he does not support any other taxes. He said Cuba, although being an impoverished country, is a good example of a country that supports the workers even in tough times.
“We think the primary problem in society is that decisions are made on what makes or protects a profit, and not what protects human interests,” he said.