Weekend Round-Up: Hydraulic hybrid and Tribune Co. trouble

Mike Rose

Here is the late Sunday edition, folks, as I graduated today and got a nice, steak meal from the ‘rents a while ago. Free food made wearing that silly cap and gown worth the while. Let’s delve into some news recaps:

*The AP picked up the hydraulic hybrid story the Daily ran last week. Here it is coming from WQOW in Eau Claire. A University of Minnesota professor is working on bringing the technology, which stores energy in the form of compressed gas, to Metro Transit buses and possibly smaller passenger cars.

*The New York Times is reporting that The Tribune company, owner of newspaper giants such as The Chicago Tribune and The Los Angeles Times, and also owner of the Chicago Cubs baseball team, is in serious financial trouble and could be filing bankruptcy. While this isn’t a locally based story, the struggles of a media giant do not bode well for local sources, such as The Star Tribune and The Pioneer Press (who have had well publicized financial problems), and smaller institutions like the Daily. It’s a scary thought to think about leaders in media succumbing to bankruptcy.

*Lastly, an interesting blog post from MinnPost Friday that I stumbled across: Citing Dave Demerijan from Wired, the entry speculates that Minneapolis mayor R.T. Rybak may very well be the best guy for transportation secretary. While MN Rep. James Oberstar has been getting a little buzz for the spot, Rybak is one local candidate who hasn’t got much attnetion at all. With Obama wanting to fill his remaining cabinet spots quickly, we should soon find out if either local guy will be going Washington.

Good luck with that last week of class! Mike Rose Managing editor