Wisconsinites call for a recall

Opponents of Wisconsin Gov. Scott Walker are fighting for a recall election.

Daily Editorial Board

Opponents of Wisconsin Gov. Scott Walker launched a 60-day campaign Tuesday in order to get a recall election on the ballot. Campaigners must get 540,208 signatures in 60 days to call a special election challenging the governor.

The recall organizers are attempting to resolve anger over a law passed by the state legislature and signed by Walker that stripped public employee unionsâÄô power to bargain collectively. This issue caused an uproar of opposition that spread beyond just Wisconsin.

We believe a recall campaign is appropriate. The hurdles to a recall are high enough that calling another election wonâÄôt waste anyoneâÄôs time âÄî getting a half-million people, or one-quarter of the number of people who voted in the last election, to demand a new election is no easy task. Even Wisconsinites who voted for Walker last November were among some of the first people to sign the petition, which shows the extent of the campaignâÄôs supporters. Wisconsin citizens from both ends of the political spectrum are pushing for the recall.

As neighbors of Wisconsin, it goes without saying that what goes on across the border undoubtedly has effects over here. Though only Wisconsin residents can vote in their elections, Minnesotans can stand in solidarity.

A similar collective bargaining law was recently repealed by referendum in Ohio. That result shows that the public has a deep distaste for government overreach.

We support Wisconsinites exercising their rights while organizing the petition drive. Those University of Minnesota students from Wisconsin, of which there are many, can and should take part in the democratic process that has just kicked off in their home state.