Man survives 40-foot fall by Wash. Ave. Bridge

Police could not verify if the 18-year-old victim was a student.

Branden Largent

A man survived a 40-foot fall down a hill south of the Washington Avenue Bridge Saturday afternoon on the University of MinnesotaâÄôs East Bank campus.

An 18-year-old man, who identified himself as a student to University police, fell from a steep edge while walking along the trails lining the Mississippi River by East River Parkway.

He was knocked unconscious for an uncertain amount of time but climbed back up the slope to find help upon waking.

An unidentified bystander flagged down a passing ambulance, and he was treated for hypothermia and head injuries on-site.

He told University police, who responded to the scene, that he was a University student. But he lacked identification and was unable to answer most questions because of his injuries.

âÄú[The] officers were kind of at a loss here because the victim was unable to say exactly what happened,âÄù said Minneapolis police Sgt. Steve McCarty.

The ambulance rushed him to the Hennepin County Medical Center to treat his injuries. HCMC has no information on his current medical condition, said the hospitalâÄôs spokesperson Christine Hill.

âÄúForty feet, that is quite a ways, in my opinion. Especially near an embankment by there,âÄù McCarty said. âÄúIt sounds like he was in a pretty precarious location there.âÄù

But according to University police Chief Greg Hestness, he apperead to be OK.

âÄúFortunately, this sounds like this was not a grave injury,âÄù he said. âÄúThere have been fatalities of people just tumbling down the riverbank. [ItâÄôs a] dangerous situation.âÄù

The incidentâÄôs reporting officer requested to use the UniversityâÄôs security cameras along the riverbank to check for any sign of the fall, but the incident wasnâÄôt within the range of the cameras, Hestness said.