Hot dog! It’s a wiener fight

Does the new Hot Diggity Dog stand up to Minneapolis’s wiener classics?

25-year-old Cody Swede and 27-year-old Andrew Jorgensen are co-owners of a new hot dog restaurant on Washington Ave. called Hot Diggity Dog.

25-year-old Cody Swede and 27-year-old Andrew Jorgensen are co-owners of a new hot dog restaurant on Washington Ave. called Hot Diggity Dog.

Sarah Harper


Cody Swede and Andy Jorgenson, the young dudes behind Hot Diggity Dog, are brave businessmen.

First, they opened a restaurant in the midst of a construction zone that could make the savviest business owners break into a cold sweat.

 âÄúWeâÄôre not intimidated. Just irritated,âÄù Jorgenson said in regard to the light rail construction.

Second, they opened a hot dog restaurant in a city whose âÄúdawg marketâÄù is just about cornered by local favorites. The Wienery and Uncle FrankyâÄôs have served Minneapolis meat-munchers for years. TheyâÄôve received countless accolades, including shoutouts from the Food Network. But Swede and Jorgenson are eager to find their place in the funky culinary landscape.

So how does their new place compare to the West BankâÄôs Wienery and NortheastâÄôs Uncle FrankyâÄôs? A&E tirelessly shoveled in Chicago dogs to figure out which joints are worth your dollar. YouâÄôre welcome.




Location: At 414 S. Cedar Ave., itâÄôs a stoneâÄôs throw from your West Bank classes.

Cost: If your fancy self can skip the $7 Italian Combo Wiene-wich, you can grab a hot dog, fries and a drink for about $6.

Taste: ThereâÄôs a reason the Wienery has been around for so long. Intense flavor and generous portions draw the crowds.

Ambience: If youâÄôre expecting a highly manicured hot spot for your perfect lunch, look elsewhere. This diveâÄôs grimy, laid-back atmosphere is a perfect fit for the artsy and diverse West Bank.Ticket stubs, pictures and books line the wall behind the counter.

Extras: The Wienery serves breakfast, burgers and sandwiches, which they call Wiene-wiches.

Perfect for: Construction workers, cool young folk, professors, students and just about anyone, actually, who can handle the grit.




Location:ThereâÄôs a branch in Plymouth, but thereâÄôs no need to schlep out to the suburbs âÄî thereâÄôs an Uncle FrankyâÄôs in the Northeast neighborhood at 728 Broadway St. NE.

Cost: If you want a bare-bones frankfurter with mustard, onion, ketchup and relish, your wallet will only take a $3 hit. But if you want to get flashy, you can get the most expensive item on the menu for about $6 âÄî and you should, because itâÄôs a cheeseburger salad.

Dog quality: Uncle FrankyâÄôs is the topping king of Minneapolis. They have the relish, pickles and tomato down to a science.Whatever they put on your bun, be it chili or sport peppers, it will be Goldilocks âÄî not too much or too little.

Ambience: Uncle FrankyâÄôs spins jazz music, but donâÄôt let that fool you. ThereâÄôs nothing pretentious about this cozy spot. Cartoon Network plays on the TV and Scooby-Doo memorabilia line the walls.

Extras: You can get hamburgers and sandwiches here too. And as good as the dogs are, all you really need is a rum cherry malt. 

Perfect for: Students in the mood to get off campus. Think of going to Uncle FrankyâÄôs as an excuse to explore the Northeast neighborhood.




Location: Hot Diggity Dog has replaced Village Pizza at 614 SE Washington Ave.

Cost: If you spend more than $5 here, youâÄôre doing it wrong. Unless youâÄôre with a date, in which case, come on âÄî you canâÄôt splurge for Village Wok?

Dog quality: When you sink your teeth into a Hot Diggity Dog, youâÄôll feel a slight snap as the sausage casing gives way to pure Vienna Beef. In other words, these dogs are pure good.

Ambience: This place is an overgrown hot dog stand âÄî there are no frills to be found. Everything about this hole in the wall positively screams, âÄúhot dogsâÄù from the bright walls to the (basically) dog-only menu.

Extras: TheyâÄôve got everything you need, but not much more. Get chips and a fountain drink for $2. Chili, cookies and Italian beef sandwiches are also available.

Perfect for: When youâÄôve got a few minutes between classes and youâÄôre starting to think your sweatpants are too loose.


Although Hot Diggity Dog doesnâÄôt have the fame or novelty of Uncle FrankyâÄôs or the Wienery, you can expect it to hold its own with the big dogs. If you want to give it a try, donâÄôt bother heading over on Sundays. YouâÄôll find that owners Swede and Jorgenson have closed up for âÄúgirlfriend day.âÄù