Baltimore violence is uncalled for, but anger is understandable

America has been forced to think about the issues of race and justice in the face of recent killings of African-American men by white police officers. People can’t ignore that there is a problem between black people and the justice system.
The recent death of Freddie Gray, a young black man, sparked violent riots in Baltimore. According to Ta-Nehisi Coates, a senior editor for the Atlantic, this violence is justified. 
According to Coates, it’s wrong for political and legal officials to ask for peaceful protests because most of them don’t fully understand what the black community feels. Moreover, they’re ignoring the fact that America’s history is built on violence.
Although Coates has received criticism for his opinion that violence is necessary, what he said is true. America’s foundation does rest on violence. Although it may not be morally right, it does make sense. 
People are angry because these unjust killings keep happening. Will violent protesting make America understand? 
Some black communities don’t believe politicians can change their situations. Some don’t trust or respect them to make changes in their everyday lives. To these people, violence might seem like an attractive solution. 
As a black woman, I can identify with the angry passion for equality and justice. However, I think it’s counterproductive to destroy parts of your own community. I don’t think the distrust will be resolved until all races feel heard and cared about. When will we all truly be treated as equals? Freedom is our constitutional right, but racial oppression can make one feel caged.