Bus hits bicyclist at busy intersection

This came among recent efforts to make drivers more aware of bikers and pedestrians.

Rachel Raveling

A Metro Transit route 16 bus hit a cyclist at one of the busiest intersections on campus Wednesday afternoon.

The bus hit Carlyn Shanley, a 20-year-old Univesrity of Minnesota College of Liberal Arts student.  The incident occurred at about 4:30 p.m. on Wednesday, September 21.

Shanley was treated at the scene and released without injuries, according to the police report.

An eastbound route 16 bus was stopped facing north at the intersection of Pillsbury Dr. SE and Pleasant St. SE, said John Siqveland, a spokesperson for Metro Transit.

A traffic official directed the bus forward from the stop sign to make its next stop, Siqveland said, and at this time the bus and Shanley, who was near the rear-curbside wheel, collided.

âÄúBicycles are a unique category, theyâÄôre sometimes a pedestrian and sometimes they act like vehicles,âÄù Siqveland said.

One bike tire ended up under the bus, severely damaging the bike, University police Deputy Chief Chuck Miner said. They have not determined which party is at fault in the accident.

The incident is one of many that have occurred on campus in the last year. The area is heavily condensed with traffic, Miner said. 

âÄúWe generally experience that these accidents happen because of bicycle behavior âÄì it tends to lead to problems,âÄù said Miner.

He said the University has developed a new campaign, âÄúSafety is Easy, the Pavement is Hard ,âÄù to encourage students to be more cautious when walking and biking through campus.

Miner said the University of Minnesota has spent a lot of time and money on the campaign in hopes of limiting incidents like this one. 

Beginning this fall, more bike lanes, directional signs and police officers issuing citations will be found on campus in an effort to improve safety. 

Miner said Parking and Transportation Services also sent an email to students to make them more aware of the raised traffic concerns.