Highway 55 protest continues

As Highway 55 protesters blocked traffic Monday, authorities closed the road in both directions along Hiawatha Avenue.
Police dragged six protesters from Hwy. 55, where three of them had locked themselves to a large metal tripod in the middle of the southbound lanes of Hiawatha Avenue.
About 40 police officers swarmed the scene Monday afternoon, asking about 20 protesters to clear the area or be arrested.
After arresting onlooking protesters who refused to leave, police placed tarps over protesters locked to the tripod while they cut them free.
“What are you hiding? We won’t hurt you,” onlookers shouted.
One of the protesters who locked herself to the base of the tripod vowed to stay until the reroute was stopped.
“We’re just trying to save the sacred lands, if not for us, then for our children,” said the woman, who goes by the name Red Rider.
At least 40 people looked on as police cut the protesters free.
“Anyone who’s willing to sacrifice their life for an issue, you have to respect that no matter where you stand,” said a neighbor who didn’t want to be identified.
Other onlookers wished the construction on Hwy. 55 would end soon.
“It’s just a constant drag,” said Mark Thoson, an area business owner. “You’re just kind of waiting for it to be done.”
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