Burrito Battle

A&E has been on a wild foodventure to campus burrito joints to find out who throws killer flavor punches and who swings and misses.

Burrito Battle

Lucy Nieboer

Burrito eateries surround campus on all sides. Dinkytown has Burrito Loco and Qdoba. Stadium Village has Chipotle. Even our very own Coffman Union houses a quickie burrito stop — Baja Sol.

With so many options, it’s easy to become flummoxed. A&E sampled one chicken burrito ordered with “the works” from each location and dissected the burrito bits to give you the low down on what’s good where.




Champion: Chipotle — This meat tasted fresh off the grill with a bold, smoky flavor. A good balance between meatiness and fat kept the meat moist and set it clearly above the rest.

Contender: Burrito Loco — The meat here hadn’t been anywhere near a grill, but its simple flavor complemented the rest of the spicy burrito contents. It was juicy, even if it lacked any major seasoning. Good chicken is good chicken.

Runner-Up: Qdoba — The meat chunks in Qdoba’s burrito were hard to locate in the sea of rice. But after tasting one piece, we didn’t look too hard for any others. The meat was fatty and bland.

KO: Baja Sol — In spite of its spicy red chili flavoring, this meat was so dry that sandpaper-y sensations took over within seconds of the first bite.




Champion: Qdoba — Although the ratio of grain to other ingredients is overzealous, Qdoba’s cilantro lime rice is tasty. It has just enough zest for those who love the herb but not enough to stop a cilantro-phobe from enjoying their wrap.

Contender: Baja Sol — Baja kept it classic with its red Mexican rice. It tasted rich, and each tiny grain carried huge tomato flavor.

Runner-Up: Chipotle — Now offering brown rice for the health-conscious and fiber-loving, Chipotle compromised a bit too much on this one. If you’re going to splurge on a burrito that has more than 1,000 calories, you might as go all the way with the less chewy white rice.

KO: Burrito Loco — The rice and beans in Bloco’s burrito tasted shockingly similar to a mix of Zatarain’s and black beans from the can. There was nothing horrible but definitely nothing noteworthy.



Champion: Qdoba — Qdoba’s queso could have an entire article dedicated to its magnificence. Hot cheesy dip with salty citrus-tinged chips is an unbeatable combo. This spot easily snagged the top prize for add-ons with its queso, optional barbecue sauce and seasonal mango salsa.

Contender: Baja Sol — Complimentary chips and an extensive salsa bar are available to patrons of Coffman’s Mexican food option. With varieties ranging from smoky to mild to crazy-hot, you’ll want to make sure you have time to try them all.

Runner-Up: Burrito Loco — Although it’s known more for its booze options than its title item, Burrito Loco has some wild choices and extras to pick from, including buffalo or barbecue chicken, fresh jalapenos and spicy sour cream.

KO: Chipotle — Nothing here comes for free, but if you’re really craving some crunch, the chips won’t disappoint.

Grand Champion: Chipotle


It’s no surprise that Chipotle takes home the grand prize. The combination of its fresh toppings and authentically prepared meats rolls up the competition. That’s a wrap.