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Normally, to quantify something, average Joe Math would start with “how many?” But when it came time for me to determine how many erotic — or pornographic — pictures of individual women were on the Internet, I realized the real question should be: Who isn’t? And the more pictures I see, the more I am affirmed that it’s OK to have fantasies.
Every woman I have ever dreamed of — and millions more I haven’t — comes to me day and night, smothering me in a bath of blissful erotic pleasure. My every sexual fantasy comes alive. And if I can’t think of anything, the Net is an endless sea of fantasy, bringing me women I never dreamed I would see in the nude. “See in the nude” really sounds so basic. These women are not just in the nude. They are doing, wearing and saying things through pictorial body talk they would never do, wear or say in real life.
Which brings me to the Amateur sites. For those not in the know, “amateur” sites are those that feature nonprofessional women, as opposed to professional models. You have to see a couple of thousand of them to really know the difference. However, one amateur shot and one professional shot next to each other will tell the difference in and of themselves. The amateur shot looks like a polaroid. The “female” is a regular woman sitting on a kitchen counter top, wearing regular, yet revealing, clothes and looking at the camera as though it’s the most natural thing in the world. The professional shot is created from the best equipment and processes. The model has posed dozens of times, in expensive clothes and fancy backgrounds, shot by pro photographers.
Not a single sexual preference is forgotten. If you have a very unusual preference, you might have to dig a little, but you’ll find it. Bear in mind, everything is categorized and indexed. Indexes are numerical or letter-named files not necessarily listed in any order. You have to open each separate file to see what mystery lies there. For those who can’t wait, thumbnails are available. Thumbnails are small versions of fuller shots; they take up less memory. You click on the thumbnail and get the full individual photo. You can view dozens of thumbnails in one window, allowing for quicker viewing and selection of whatever it is that fancies you.
The categories and indexes are like Darwin’s biological system of classification, and just as complex. The main families are blondes, redheads and brunettes. Then there are Asians, amateur and gay. Each of these breaks down further into subcategories like, Asian girls in panties, or lesbian lickers outdoors. Many sites break indexes down into personalized one-sentence descriptions like, “blonde nymph sucks black dick on a couch.” Is that graphic enough for you? There are literally millions of indexes filled with similar descriptions. There is no shortage of perversion and fetish. Lots of transvestite photos will keep you gender-guessing for hours. Lesbian sites are mammoth, as well as group sex sites.
Am I a victim of pornographic assault? Are Net providers shoving lewd photographs down my proverbial cyberspace throat? No, they’re not. I simply don’t have to view their sites. But when I do, I join the “millions” of others who peruse these sites on a regular basis. In fact, many sites update their listings daily, so you get a fresh crop of sex photos every day. One argument that just will not stand up anymore, not that it ever did, is that women are being forced by the mob or some such group to pose in the nude. Posing in the nude is an archaic expression. This is not art class, although artistic nude poses are certainly available. There is no question in my mind that the preponderance of women I view are posing sexually and doing so willingly, and in most cases, happily. Many of the pictures are sent in by women, with Web sites managed by women. But it’s the pictures themselves that present the strongest argument.
College students, secretaries, disco queens, strippers and teenagers are just a few of the types of women available. Shots take place on campus, in the work place and in bars and backyards. Some stare flagrantly into the camera while others go about their daily business, walking, reading, sunning on a beach, as though the sexual component is the most natural thing in the world. This is what they are presenting, not just what I’m seeing. There is a plethora of different kinds of women from all over the world, posing in every imaginable pose in every imaginable locale, every conceivable body type, every age — including grandmothers — that the exploitation argument begs serious review. It is unlikely that any of them are even making any real money. They are unabashed and totally uninhibited. In terms of sexual fantasy, they are making me very happy. I get to study them. I get to pretend I’m having relationships with them, beyond sex. I can fantasize whatever I want. The “repressors” can try and take away the Net, but they cannot take away my fantasies. Now I don’t feel so bad.
Jerry Flattum is the Daily’s editorial editor.