Faculty pay raises

The amount of faculty increses to be paid out by individual collegs is still up in the air.
About a month ago, University President Mark Yudof presented the University’s 1999-2000 operating budget to the Board of Regents; the board approved the budget in late June.
The budget included a provision to encourage individual colleges to raise faculty pay. University officials hoped to know by mid-July how much those funds would total, but the totals are still incomplete.
Yudof’s $198 million legislative request included funds for a 5 percent faculty pay increase. Currently, the University is ranked 20th among research universities in faculty pay.
The Legislature gave the University $119 million during the past session, leaving only $69 million for faculty pay increases; faculty and staff members will receive a 3 percent pay raise this year.
Yudof and other University officials developed a plan to request funds from University colleges. Yudof estimated the University would need to raise faculty pay by 15 percent to fall within the top 10 research universities.
State money is funneled through the University to colleges, which also garner funds through tuition, specific grants, endowments and private financial gifts.

— Erin Ghere