Sports news needs diversity

Alex Zeman

I have a complaint with the sports section of The Minnesota Daily. I realize it is the University of MinnesotaâÄôs newspaper and therefore has a duty to report on University varsity athletics, but I wish there would be one article per week about a different sports club. During football season, I would crack open the sports page to read three different articles about the same lost game. This is neither necessary nor entertaining. One article about the football game is fine, and some of the remaining space might be better dedicated to, say, a small article about the lacrosse team. I am on the rugby team, and while we do not get a nice stadium or thousands of fans at every game or athletic scholarships, I can tell you we bleed maroon and gold as much as any member of the football or basketball team. We are proud to wear our school colors when we play matches and proud to represent the University when we win. Our fellow Golden Gophers may be interested in knowing what goes on with less-storied athletics. Alex Zeman, University undergraduate student