Walker recall cost nearly $81 million

Nickalas Tabbert

Republican supporters and Gov. Scott Walker spent nearly $81 million on the recall race, more than twice as much as his challenger Milwaukee Mayor Tom Barrett, a report on the race found.

Walker and his allies spent $58.7 million while Barrett and Democrats put in $22 million, the Wisconsin Democracy Campaign said.

Walker won the recall by 7 points.

"A ground-up grassroots movement was the engine behind Governor Walker's historic recall campaign, fueled by the fact that over 77 percent of our contributions were 50 dollars or less," said his campaign spokesman Tom Evenson, his campaign spokesman.

The Associated Press reported that despite receiving many small-dollar donations, Walker also got massive influxes of cash never before seen in Wisconsin state politics thanks to a law that allows recall targets to raise unlimited amounts.

Some of those big-dollar donations included $510,000 from Diane Hendricks, owner of ABC Supply in Beloit, $500,000 from Republican financer Bob Perry of Texas, and $260,000 from David Humphreys of Tamko Building Products in Missouri.