Daily Digest: Mall boosted by ‘U’, St.Kate’s students protest

by Mike Rose

Only a month and a half left of class?! Oh, where did the time go…? Ok, before I ponder the fleeting nature of time anymore, I’ll give you a Digest:

*The Rochester Post-Bulletin has an interesting story today looking at their downtown mall and how the University of Minnesota Rochester campus – which leases space in the mall – has helped rejuvinate it. The once struggling shopping center has some life these days, thanks to an influx of students and design upgrades. Reporter Jeff Kiger notes that the upcoming holiday season could be rough (economy, anyone?), but the mall stands in as good a shape as anyone as current tenants run on all cylinders.

*Here’s a story from Minnesota Public Radio which examines some rumbling and grumbling with the U’s new accounting system. The recently rolled-out Enterprise Financial System is being called by some overly complex and troublesome. Richard Pfutzenreuter, chief financial officer for the University of Minnesota (or "Fitz" around these parts), said he knows the system isn’t perfect but that things will smooth out with a little time. "We’ll get through this, it’ll work. It’s just going to take us a little longer than any of us would like," he told reporter Tim Post. 

*Lastly, students at the College of St.Catherine in St.Paul are rallying against administration in protest over the school’s decisions to not allow Bay Buchanan, a leading McCain supporter, and Hillary Clinton to speak on campus, the Star Tribune reports. A petition denouncing the school’s decision is in circulation and a demonstration is planned for today. Buchanan promptly spoke at the University of Minnesota a day after she was declined by St.Kate’s, the Daily reported last week.

I’m sorry it’s Monday. We’ll both get through this.

Mike Rose

City editor