Trendy and eco-friendly: affordable Twin Cities resale shops sure to spice up your fall wardrobe

A student’s guide to some of the best resale shops near the University

Justin Ofori-Atta looks at shoes inside Corner Store Vintage on Thursday, Aug. 29.

Jackie Cortopassi

Justin Ofori-Atta looks at shoes inside Corner Store Vintage on Thursday, Aug. 29.

Alex Strangman

Nuanced playlists flood the University Avenue air while fans press and hang Gopheralls, preparing for game day. School is back in session, and as the weather gets cold, the ‘fits heat up. 

As much as we would all like to walk into that first class dripping from the Off-White tee down to the Gucci belt, for students on a budget, this simply is not feasible.

Luckily, the Twin Cities is teeming with thrift shopping opportunities. Just a bus ride from the University, four resale shops will make all your fall looks one of a kind. 

Corner Store Vintage

900 W. Lake St., Minneapolis

Opened in 1974, Corner Store Vintage has a long-standing vibe all its own. From the Jimi Hendrix mural on the outside wall to the occasional RIPNDIP tee hiding in the racks, George Clinton likely would shop here had he been born 50 years later. While Corner Store Vintage offers a wide selection of sweatshirts, vintage band tees and tops you didn’t even know existed, if there’s one thing it specializes in, it’s pants.

“The heaviest thing we carry is denim. We sell a lot of denim stuff,” store owner Linda McHale said. 

Denim, denim and then some. For the student with a little extra cash and a taste for originality, Corner Store Vintage is the place to go.

Goodwill St. Paul Outlet

553 Fairview Ave. N., St. Paul

If you’re looking for a truly unique shopping experience, Goodwill St. Paul Outlet has you covered. They have a little bit of everything: from knockoff Gucci to Vikings jerseys of obscure players and new merchandise added throughout the day. To make your shopping experience even more interesting, everything is displayed in huge blue bins rather than typical racks.

“The bins, digging through [them]… I felt a little bit like a savage, just ripping through the clothes,” said MCAD student Tate Pham. “The massive amount of bins: that’s what I think is just super cool about this place.”

If giant blue bins don’t pique your interest, the St. Paul Outlet’s price points might. Unlike other stores, you pay by the pound at the outlet, with prices going down as weight goes up. For frugal shoppers, the St. Paul Outlet’s deals can’t be matched.

Gina + Will

1324 5th St. SE., Minneapolis

As Dinkytown’s premier resale shop, Gina + Will gears much of their merchandise toward the college crowd, often changing inventory with the season to cater to students’ specific needs. 

“Rush will happen and [students] need black dresses and white dresses, and the tropical shirts year round for the guys,” said General Manager Danielle Stager. 

In addition to all your casual needs, Gina + Will has your professional needs covered, too.

“We really try to find professional wear for the working professionals in the neighborhood … the basics, belts, you know, things like that,” Stager said.

Gina + Will also offers 15 percent off for students with a valid ID every Tuesday. So if you’re looking to put your U Card to good use, head to Gina + Will.

Buffalo Exchange

2727 Lyndale Ave. S., Minneapolis

If you find yourself in Uptown, Buffalo Exchange is a must-visit for any veteran thrift shopper. 

“We really want to be like a magic store where anyone can walk in and find something they love,” said Anna Weldon, a store manager at Buffalo Exchange. “We really have everything, from Old Navy to Gucci.” 

With a slightly higher price point than other resale shops, Buffalo Exchange is great for students willing to spend a little extra cash in order to really make their wardrobe pop this semester.