Frank Germann

Libertarian Frank Germann received state help to attend the University and earn a civil engineering degree in 1968, but he now says he strongly opposes state funding for education.
The gubernatorial candidate and his running mate, Michael C. Strand, believe in a total separation between the state and education. Germann said he thinks education at every level should be funded privately.
The Libertarian Party advocates limited government, fewer taxes, less government spending and more personal freedom.
“The government needs to get off your back and out of your pocketbook,” Germann said.
Germann worked for the Federal Aviation Administration for most of his adult life which he said soured him on government.
“Working for the government for 31 years, I developed a healthy disappreciation for the mischief and wasted spending that government can be responsible for,” Germann said.
Germann advocates the right to carry concealed weapons and wants all drugs legalized. He pointed out that drugs were legal in the United States until 1913.
Twenty-two years with the Libertarian Party has convinced Germann that the United States had an ideal political system in the 19th century.
“There was private banking, low taxes and free trade then,” Germann said.