Minneapolis City Council opposes marriage amendment

Kevin Burbach

The Minneapolis City Council unanimously voted Friday to oppose the proposed constitutional amendment that would ban marriage for same-sex couples.

The council passed a resolution that demonstrated the city’s opposition to the proposed amendment as well as urging citizens to vote no on the amendment in November, according to a release from the city.

In addition to the council, Minneapolis Mayor R.T. Rybak will also sign the resolution.

“We took this step because it is critical that every person in Minneapolis can make a commitment to the person they love,” Rybak said in the release.

The proposed amendment has put thousands of Minnesotans on either side of the issue of same-sex marriage with groups on both sides raising hundreds of thousands of dollars.

In 1991 Minneapolis became the first city to approve a domestic partnership registry, according to the release.

“Minneapolis has a long history of embracing diversity, and we’re a stronger community for it,” said council member Elizabeth Glidden.