Precinct caucuses are March 1

While our parties may be “loyal opposition” to one another, we share the basic belief that better governance comes through greater participation. That’s why we’re teaming up to urge you — of all political parties — to come out on March 1 for precinct caucuses. The stakes couldn’t be higher. We’re helping elect the next leader of our country, and your vote matters.
Caucuses are open, friendly neighborhood gatherings to discuss the issues and candidates most aligned with your values. There are separate meetings for the Democratic, Republican and Independence parties. This is where you declare your preference of presidential candidates by vote, run to be a delegate to party conventions and shape the party platform. 
The caucus builds momentum for the general election and sets the agenda for your party.
We think it’s a fun and meaningful way to contribute to the future of our country. We hope you can join us.
Everyone is welcome — the more first-timers, the better. To participate, you need to be eligible to vote in November (yes, 17-year-olds, that means you, too). You must also live in the precinct and, of course, agree with the principles of your political party.
Scott Graham
Chair, DFL Senate District 61
Mitchell Rossow 
Chair, GOP Senate District 61