Gun arrest might lead to further charges

Brian Close

University police officers stopped a Jeep Grand Cherokee at gunpoint in Dinkytown on Sunday night, responding to a tip that the vehicle contained a gun. Three people were arrested, including the car’s 23-year-old male driver and the two passengers, one adult and one juvenile.
Although University Police made the arrests, the case was investigated by the Minneapolis Police Department.
Penny Parrish, spokeswoman for the Minneapolis Police Department, said a woman called the police and reported that one of the car’s occupants was waving a gun in the Hollywood Video parking lot, located on 14th Avenue Southeast in Dinkytown.
The woman who reported the crime also positively identified two of the suspects as assailants in a sexual assault that occurred the night before in St. Croix County, Wis.
The University police officers called the precinct where she had made the report, and the pair were arrested, along with another female passenger, who had several warrants.
Minneapolis Police Sgt. Dale Burns said his impression of the case was that the woman was expecting the suspects to be in the area, and the encounter was not a coincidence.
Burns said the case has been moved to the St. Croix County Sheriff for review and possible charges. The adult suspect was released Monday, but could still be charged in the case. No information was available on the juvenile suspect.

In other police news:
ù On Nov. 19, University Police approached a suspicious male outside a home on 6th Street Southeast. The man, who was carrying a camcorder, told police his friends live in the house.
The man seemed “very nervous,” according to police reports. While the officer was exiting his car, the suspect fled north and could not be located.
The tape in the video camera left at the scene showed recorded images of what appeared to be young, naked women taken from outside their windows.
The police report stated that there have been numerous reports of a peeper in the area.
On Monday, the suspect was stopped for driving with a revoked license. He was identified as a suspect in the earlier incident, and taken to Hennepin County Jail.
The suspect has been released without charges for the peeping incident. Charges could still be filed at a later date.

ù A late-night burglar made off with the cash register and $300 from Know-Name Records, located at 805 4th St. S.E., just after midnight Sunday morning.
Store manager Chris Valenty said he was enjoying a beer in his apartment, which is in the same building as the store, when he heard the store’s alarm. He went downstairs to find a small hole in the front window.
“It was only big enough for an elf to get through,” he said.
Valenty went back upstairs to phone an on-call window repair shop. While he was working on the problem, he again heard the alarm.
This time, the burglar had broken the window and entered the store, grabbed the cash register and left through the window.
“They were so dumb, they didn’t think to unlock the door,” Valenty said. “There was a healthy amount of blood around.”
When the glass repairman came, he said the laminated glass would have been very difficult to smash.
The store has been vandalized before, Valenty said, when somebody thought they were charging too much for concert tickets and broke the window.
He said the burglars passed up all the “wonderful” pipes on sale at the store.
“How can you smoke anything out of a cash register?” he asked. “You can’t, unless you adapt it somehow.”
He said the owner has installed increased security measures, including a camera system, to avoid future incidents. After the burglary, Valenty had to wait until 4 a.m. for the window to be installed.
“Crime just ruins a fun night,” he said. “It makes you have to put your beer down.”