Defending the memorial

I am writing this letter in response to Chris Schafer’s opinion piece “Partisan actions at Wellstone’s memorial should have been kept out” (Oct. 31).

Schafer contends that the memorial should have had “nothing to do with politics.” Indeed, for most of the night, politics played no role. The other victims of the tragic plane crash were honored in a nonpartisan fashion.

Likewise, Wellstone was remembered by a poignant video montage as well as through stirring speeches delivered by his two sons.

When it came time for Sen. Tom Harkin, D-Iowa, to speak, he implored the crowd to carry on Wellstone’s tradition by fighting for the issues he devoted a great deal of his life to. Harkin’s honorable intentions were to ensure that the fight would be carried on, which Wellstone certainly would have wanted.

Unfortunately, Rick Kahn did go over the top during his speech; but surely a good friend of Wellstone’s should be forgiven for getting carried away with his emotions at the memorial.

It is important to not let Kahn’s zealousness overshadow the message that the ideals Wellstone so vehemently believed in must continue to be represented, even in his absence.

Timothy Nault, junior, College of Liberal Arts