Hockey ticket woes

Jason LaFrenz, director of marketing and ticket sales, is pretty sure there have not been any student hockey tickets available mid-season like there are this year. He told The Minnesota Daily on Monday that he and other administrators were not sure why Gopher hockey season tickets did not sell out this year âÄî but they do not blame the updated ticket policy. WeâÄôre certain it is. The Gophers are the best team in their conference and have been ranked the top team in the nation this year. Not only is the updated ticket policy to blame, but all of the other nuanced policies regarding hockey tickets that have changed or been added in the last few years: ticket vouchers for non-regular ticket holders, security checks at the door and no group sales. The hockey tickets policies and the vague ruminations of next yearâÄôs student football tickets policy are further evidence of Gopher AthleticsâÄô exaltation of the almighty dollar. Fans are sick of bureaucratic interference. Ticket prices go up almost every year. More students are forced to stand during hockey games as the student section slowly loses a few rows of seats each season. First students could lend tickets to a U-card toting buddy if they had to miss a game âÄî officials repealed that policy. Then officials reinstated it with a caveat: The buddy has to go to the wrong side of the arena, wait in line, get a voucher ticket and then walk around the arena, outside, to get back to the student entrance. Friday night at the game shouldnâÄôt require careful planning and strategizing. And if administrators are serious about bringing football back to campus because itâÄôll be better for the University community as a whole, they should create a policy that encourages students to buy tickets.