Perkins satisfies late-nighters

When University students come down with a case of the late-night munchies, they hit the pavement and run for the local Perkins restaurant.
The breakfast, lunch and dinner-serving restaurant is conveniently open for service, with a complete menu, at any hour, any day.
Where else can hungry tummies go for a midnight meal of a bread-bowl salad, pancake breakfast or meatloaf dinner? Or, if you’re craving some caffeine, Perkins’ percolators are constantly a-perkin’, brewing up one helluva cup o’ joe. In addition, they also have a plethora of carbonated beverages.
Perkins even runs monthly specials of different delectable menu items. This month’s catch is the talk of the sea for those participating in lent, with deals on fine fishy favorites.
With more than 30 locations in the metro area, there’s bound to be a restaurant near you — wherever you find yourself late at night. So run, walk, or even crawl to the local Perkins when you’ve got a hankering for a hunk o’ something good.

— Heather Fors