Law School professor receives prestigious award

by Ada Simanduyeva

Daniel Farber, a University law professor and a leading constitutional and environmental law scholar, has been appointed to a McKnight Presidential Endowed Chair in Public Law.
Farber has been teaching at the University since 1981, and since then has taught every first-year law school course at the University.
In 1992, he became associate dean for faculty research and development. A former visiting professor at both Harvard and Stanford law schools, Farber is the ninth most frequently cited legal scholar, said Sharon Reich, associate dean of administration at the Law School.
Farber was out of town this week and could not be reached for comment.
“He is far and away one of the most prolific and respected legal scholars in the entire country,” Reich said. “Any subject he touches he makes significant contributions to.”
After graduating from the University of Illinois Law School, Farber served as a law clerk for Supreme Court Justice Paul Stevens.
Throughout his career, he has published numerous books and journal articles. He also co-founded and co-edited the Constitutional Commentary, a University faculty-founded and edited peer review journal.
University President Mark Yudof and a six-member committee chose Farber for his scholarly achievement.
“It’s a very rigorous process and to get this highly coveted award a faculty member needs to be internationally known and recognized for his or her work,” said Bob Bruininks, executive vice president and provost. “They have to be considered to be an outstanding international scholar in their field.”
In December, the McKnight foundation gave the University $15 million for 15 endowed chairs, which was the second largest gift in the institution’s history. About five percent of the $15 million goes toward the professors’ expenses and future activities.

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