Response to ‘Homeopathy’

Dr. Emily Keranen

As University alumna and as a licensed naturopathic physician, I take offense to the Feb. 9 âÄúHomeopathy promoted at UniversityâÄù attack on alternative medicine. âÄúAlternative medicineâÄù is not a default term for âÄúlack of evidence.âÄù There are many types of alternative medicine that are evidence based. Look no further than the PubMed database (accessible via the University of Minnesota library Web site) for evidence supporting the use of botanical medicines or acupuncture. However, I want to argue against the idea that âÄúlack of evidenceâÄù equals âÄúquackery.âÄù Clinical observation cannot always be verified by double blind trials, as every patient is an individual and every patientâÄôs results will be different. Homeopathy, which the author erroneously labeled âÄúquackery,âÄù has helped many people regardless of its âÄúalternativeâÄù status. I would like to suggest that if a seminar or workshop hosted by the University doesnâÄôt fit in with your beliefs or understanding of science, either open your mind to new concepts or simply donâÄôt attend. Dr. Emily Keranen University alumna