Stop the energy crisis

I am writing to inform the readers about the current energy crisis at hand. In 2010, 37 percent of Xcel Energy’s resources came from coal, whereas only 16 percent came from bio-renewable resources like wind and natural gas.

Currently, Xcel Energy’s Sherco plant in Becker, Minn., burns 30,000 tons of coal per day. This plant’s equipment is from the mid-1970s and needs to be updated.

Recently, Sen. Amy Klobuchar has backed legislation that will create more homegrown renewable energy resources. This legislation is working to create jobs, reduce dependence on foreign oil, protect our economy and national security from price shocks due to natural disasters and political instability abroad, as well as respond to the challenges of global climate change.

Please help challenge Xcel to commit to building 5,000 megawatts of new wind generation and 1,000 megawatts of new solar generation, as well as present a solution to the Sherco plant issue. The goal of this is to achieve a 2 percent savings through energy efficiency and to create a cleaner, healthier living environment for our communities.

You can get involved by contacting the Campus Beyond Coal student group to see how you can do your part to improve the current environmental predicament.