Our leaders and the people who hate them

Hate is probably the strongest word one can use to describe his or her animosity toward someone. It’s the type of hostility that is, at times, drummed up against our nation’s political leaders, and as we head into 2004 we are sure to see the hate peak. Some of the strongest hate in years will be directed at our current president.

Despite periods of high approval ratings and political praise, there are many who absolutely detest President George W. Bush and probably always will. They accuse him of being racist, a warmonger, anti-working class and my favorite, stupid. There are arguments for all of these accusations, but few are legitimate, which is the major problem with those who hate our leaders, specifically those who despise our president. The very arguments and accusations against him are so clouded with hate they lack rationale or clear arguments.

Calling Bush stupid is a prime example. The name-calling stems back to 2000 when the Democrats realized their only hope of defeating Bush was former Vice President Al Gore, a dismal realization. The Democrats pulled no punches and gave Bush all they could; a select few of them engrossed in their own hatred of Bush were bold enough to come up with the insult of stupid. Ouch. Allowing your hate to influence your political views is dangerous. Those who called Bush stupid now look silly, and the sad part is, there are those who still support the claim.

As I mentioned earlier, this Bush contempt is some of the strongest hate we have ever seen for a political leader, but I must remind you that the hate has come from all political sides. There are some Republicans and conservatives who will always hate all things Clinton, be it Bill, Hillary, Chelsea, family pets or distant relatives. Some people can’t get enough Clinton-hating. Instead of exposing Clinton for his faults in office, not to mention being a flat-out liar, the Clinton haters choose to go down the shameless road of prying into his personal life and his adultery. No one really cared about it – except as gossip – so once again, it made the haters look foolish.

Clinton was then and this is now. The Bush haters are here and out for blood. How fitting that a recent poll shows the favorite of Bush haters, former Vermont Gov. Howard Dean, ahead of Massachusetts Sen. John Kerry as the Democratic frontrunner for 2004. I predict Dean will be our next Democratic presidential nominee. He has no chance if his supporters don’t change their ways. My warning to Democrats: Put aside your hate for Bush and don’t let emotion run your campaign. If you don’t do this, you will lose and look silly in the process – just like all of the other haters.

Jesse Miller is a junior. He welcomes comments at [email protected]