Penn State should fire everyone who didn’t step in

Firing Penn StateâÄôs president, athletic director and head football coach may seem like a good gesture to rid the school and program of those who didnâÄôt prevent or report the abuses, but itâÄôs not enough. There are still people working there that could have stopped or reported the abuse to police. Mike McQueary walked in on Jerry Sandusky sexually assaulting a boy in the showers. McQueary then did nothing for the entire evening. He didnâÄôt intervene or call the authorities. He waited until the next day to tell Joe Paterno. It doesnâÄôt make sense that Paterno was fired, while the man who actually could have stopped the abuse continues as the wide receiver coach. Why should Paterno be gone while the man who actually had an opportunity to stop the abuses as it was happening stays on as a wide receiver coach? McQueary, who had an opportunity to stop the abuses, received no punishment for doing the same thing that those who were fired did. All the firings so far are justified, but they have not gone far enough. Penn State should fire McQueary. After seeing the abuse himself, he did not have the guts to stop it or even report it. All of those who could have stepped in and stopped the wrongdoings and decided not to should be fired.