Elect for a responsible energy future in November

Although the November 2014 election isn’t coming with the urgency and importance of a presidential election, the results of this election are going to be irrefutably as impactful for the future of Minnesota.

All of Minnesota’s executive officers are up for election, as well as several state judicial seats, a United States Senate seat, all of Minnesota’s eight seats in the U.S. House of Representatives and several seats for offices in Minneapolis.

With so many high-influence seats up for grabs, it is our duty to ensure that we fill those seats with individuals committed to establishing a responsible energy future — by transitioning to clean, renewable energy like wind and solar power, increasing energy efficiency and making it easier to generate local power.

If Minnesota commits to moving our state to 50 percent renewable energy by 2030, we could create jobs, increase our energy independence and improve our economy­­­ — meaning we need to get policies rolling that will allow us to meet or exceed this goal, and we need a committed cohort of political leaders and lawmakers to help us do that.

Our generation has the power to choose. By 2015, the millennial generation will account for more than one-third of the entire voting population. Coupling our numbers with our concerns for climate justice, a more sustainable economy and a livable Minnesota, we have the power to get the right people for the job in office.

As youth, we need to be proactive in the decisions being made about the future of our state. On Election Day, be sure to get out and vote and choose decision makers that are committed to ramping up Minnesota’s clean and local energy initiatives while ensuring that Minnesota and the Twin Cities remain Midwestern hubs for millennials.