Pedestrian hit by campus shuttle

A campus circulator shuttle struck a pedestrian running across Washington Avenue on Friday.

The pedestrian sustained minor injuries after falling to the ground and was taken to Fairview Health Services in an ambulance, University police Deputy Chief Steve Johnson said.

The accident occurred at the intersection of Washington Avenue and Union Street at about 2 p.m. near Moos Towers.

The driver of the shuttle reported turning after the “don’t walk” light began to flash, Johnson said, but the pedestrian insisted the light was green when he ran into the street.

Johnson said the pedestrian’s name was not found in the University student/staff directory.

Mary Sienko, communications director for the Parking and Transportation Services, confirmed there was an accident.

The driver of the bus is not employed directly by the University, but subcontracted and would not face direct disciplinary action from Parking and Transportation Services.

Paul Buharin, general manager for the Minneapolis office of First Transit, said they are “fully investigating and working with officials” about the circumstances of the accident.

He confirmed that the pedestrian walked to the ambulance.

“It wasn’t too serious,” he said. “Safety is our first priority when investigating.”

Buharin could not comment on disciplinary actions for the driver.