Announcing El Grito at Coffman Union

Our team is diverse and passionate about the issues that affect many communities.

This Saturday, La Raza Student Cultural Center will host El Grito, a Latin American independence celebration and commemoration of undocumented immigrants. The event will be at Coffman Union. All University students are invited to attend the event to learn about La Raza’s involvement with the community.

At El Grito, students will have an opportunity to meet La Raza’s hardworking board members, staff and advisory board to learn how the student group is working with Latinos/as Chicanos/as in Minnesota communities.

Our team is very diverse and is passionate about the issues that affect many of us as well as other communities. La Raza has collaborated with other cultural centers before at Coffman Union, which adds to the repertoire and history of our group.

El Grito will have puissant keynote speakers, free food and entertainment, including live musical performances.

There will be three honorable and exciting speakers – Raul Salinas, renowned poet and political activist of the American Indian Movement and the International Indian Treaty Council; Mariano Espinoza, executive director of the Minnesota Immigrant Freedom Network and representative of the Institute of Mexicans Abroad; and Jennifer Godinez, executive director of the Minnesota College Access Network and founding chairwoman of the Latino scholarship fund.

On behalf of La Raza Student Cultural Center, we would like for you to help us make this event more exhilarating, exciting and different with your company. We always value the presence of new faces and new ideas.

El Grito will be held this Saturday at the Great Hall at Coffman Union and the doors will open at 6 p.m.

For parking information go to:

Questions? Call (612) 625-2995 or e-mail [email protected]

We hope to see you there.

Anthony Carranza is a University student and newsletter editor for La Raza Student Cultural Center. Please send comments to [email protected]