France votes to legalize same-sex marriage

Kia Farhang

French lawmakers voted to legalize same-sex marriage Tuesday, news sources reported.

The law, which will also allow same-sex couples to adopt children, passed by 321 votes to 225, the BBC reported. French President Francois Hollande had made the issue one of his main priorities.

Opinion polls suggested a small majority of French citizens were in support of same-sex marriage, but fewer had indicated support for giving same-sex couples the right to adopt.

A group of conservative senators filed a legal challenge to the vote Tuesday, CNN reported.

France follows 13 other countries in legalizing same-sex marriage, Reuters reported.

"You are adding a crisis to a crisis," said Herve Mariton, a lawmaker opposed to the legislation. "You are stirring up tensions and are lighting the fuse of homophobia."