An open letter to Minnesota superdelegates

Gerald Ganann

Sen. Bernie Sanders’ unexpected success in the primary has come in spite of the Democratic National Convention blatantly favoring Clinton in debate scheduling, public remarks and committee rosters. It has come in spite of mysterious voter purges, party flips and rule changes in various state primaries. 

It has come in spite of the press persistently minimizing Sanders by underreporting positive developments inhis campaign (how many of you know who Tulsi Gabbard is?) and by including “superdelegates” in reported delegate counts throughout the primary (many of them pledged support for Clinton before any votes were cast, but the DNC rules and directives state that such delegates do not have a vote and should not be counted until they are polled on the convention floor). 

The press has used the artificially inflated delegate counts to harp insistently that Clinton’s delegate lead was “insurmountable,” then reporting in primary after primary that although Sanders would win (or had won), it would have no effect on Clinton’s delegate lead. 

The people of Minnesota have made their choice decisively clear. Like many others, we certainly don’t want a President Trump. It’s evident that our candidate of choice, Sanders, has a much better chance of defeating Trump that Clinton does.

It is time to stand up and declare publicly to the people of Minnesota, and the country, where your allegiance lies. Is it with the people of our state and the future of the country we all dearly love, or is it with the Democratic Party and their too-quickly anointed presidential pick?