College Football Hall of Fame floods

by Andrew Krammer


The College Football Hall of Fame sustained $100,000 in flooding damages after the theft of a brass sprinkler fitting caused a back flow of water into the building’s basement.


Hall of Fame officials in South Bend say they noticed two inches of water covering the entire basement when they came into work Monday morning. They said a few collectable items along with drywall, carpet and insulation were damaged as a result.


This is the second time flooding has occurred at the Hall of Fame since June, when a PVC pipe from the Hall’s water system was smashed. It caused flooding through the building’s library and archives on the first floor.


Police have cited rising copper and brass prices as the motive for scrappers stealing the spare metal parts.


The Hall reopened today, but still has the majority of the damaged section closed off to visitors.


The 58,000-square-foot facility plans to move from South Bend to Atlanta in September 2013.