Vote Hovde

We need to evaluate the race in District 59B and ask ourselves if we really want Rep. Phyllis Kahn representing our district. We look at the distinct differences between the two candidates. You have Kahn, a 71-year-old former professor, and you have Ole Hovde, a senior here at the University of Minnesota. University students must ask themselves who they want at the Capitol representing them. Do they want someone who knows what itâÄôs like to have to pay tuition? To have to go to class? To ride in the bike lanes? Or do students want someone who has been in the state Legislature longer than all of the students at the University have been alive? A The Minnesota Daily editorial praised her for her proposition to allow 12-year-olds to vote. I believe that instead of considering whether we want to allow 12-year-olds âÄî who can hardly make up their mind about what their favorite breakfast cereal to have in the morning âÄî to vote, we should be looking at issues important to University students. ItâÄôs time to really change in District 59B, and elect someone who will truly represent the students at the University. I highly encourage you to vote for Ole Hovde for state representative. In Hovde, we have a youthful, vibrant student who knows the challenges we face, and is ready to give students a voice at the Capitol. Andrew Wagner University student