Marcy Holmes neighborhood sees surge in traffic violations

The Ward 3 had the 3rd highest increase in traffic violations from 2010-2016


Image by Courtesy of City of Minneapolis

Minneapolis’ Ward 3 has seen its parking violations increase by over 2.5 times.

by Emun Solomon

As new developments have moved into the area, Minneapolis’ Ward 3 has seen its parking violations increase by over 2.5 times.

Between 2010 and 2016, parking violations increased by 164 percent in Ward 3. Marcy Holmes’ St. Anthony Main Area and Dinkytown, along with the North Loop, have the highest concentrations of violations.

New developments and an influx in citizens calling 311 to report violations are contributing factors to the surge, said Clara Schmit-Gonzalez, Minneapolis director of code compliance and traffic control, at an April 18 Marcy Holmes Neighborhood Association meeting.

“A number of things may contribute to this. However, the city’s population growth, along with increased business and institutional activity could be contributing to parking demand,” she said in an interview.

At the meeting, Schmit-Gonzalez said parking violations fluctuate based on when nearby college students are in the area for the school year.

Some business owners and area residents said parking spaces have dwindled as new developments have popped up around campus.

“The city of Minneapolis has approved too many businesses … which has created a problem because all these restaurant and businesses and bars don’t have to provide parking for their patrons,” said Orest Kramarczuk whose family has owned Kramarczuk’s Deli in St. Anthony Main for over 63 years.

Kramarczuk, who owns and maintains his own private lot for his customers, said the area lacks sufficient parking for the restaurants on his block.

“[It’s] not fair for a small business owner who owns a parking lot — who pays taxes and maintenance for the parking lot — when the city should have taken responsibility.”

The influx of new tenants has also outpaced parking, Kramarczuk said.

“[The City of Minneapolis] is approving all these big apartment projects without providing enough parking,” Kramarczuk said.

At the meeting, Julian Azzouzi said he struggles to find parking in Marcy Holmes and often risks getting a ticket so he can get a good spot.

“Even If I’m on my motorcycle it’s difficult to find parking. If I’m trying to go to lunch or something I have to park like a couple blocks away just to get to where I want to go,” he said.