Four campus cash machines broken into

Also, a registered sex offender exposed himself in front of Weaver-Densford Hall.

Raya Zimmerman

Several “Value Port” cash-to-card machines were burglarized for more than $1,800 last week in Coffman Union, Blegen Hall, St. Paul Student Center and Walter Library.

The burglaries committed “were most likely by the same person,” University of Minnesota police Deputy Chief Chuck Miner said. “It seems to be a trend.”

The machines were broken into but werenâÄôt damaged, according to police.

The break-ins occurred Nov. 8, and by Nov. 9, the locks on all of the machines had been replaced, said Tim Busse, departmental director at University Services.

Dishonest drug dealer caught with “ground sage”

A man was arrested outside Burger King in Stadium Village on Wednesday night for attempting to sell marijuana and ground sage to two plain-clothes police officers.

Toni Jammison, 49, was arrested on charges of selling or giving simulated controlled substances, Miner said.

Jammison asked his potential customers, who were officers dressed in plain clothing, if they wanted to buy hashish. The officers consented and he pulled out a bag of what he claimed to be hashish, offering to sell it to them for $20. He then attempted to sell them marijuana, at which point the officers identified themselves.

“His first comment was that it wasnâÄôt hashish, itâÄôs only ground sage,” Miner said. “He was sort of a dishonest drug dealer. He wouldâÄôve initially sold them $20 of ground sage. Notice the kind of reaction that would give somebody if they tried to smoke it or ingest it.”

The alleged hashish tested negative, but the marijuana tested positive, Miner said.

Hashish is a more potent form of marijuana. Both have THC as the main active chemical.

Whether Jammison also fibbed about the legitimacy of the “ground sage” remains unknown. “We donâÄôt have a test kit for grounded sage, but itâÄôs very likely,” Miner said.

Registered sex offender exposes himself

A 59-year-old man exposed himself to a woman last week in front of Weaver-Densford Hall, according to a police report.

The unidentified woman notified University police after the incident but “was in some sort of hurry” and was not able to come back to identify him, Miner said.

The man, Milton Breaux, is a registered sex offender in Illinois. He was not charged with indecent exposure but was issued a trespass warning, which is “usually pretty effective as far as keeping people away,” Miner said.

Miner said he was unsure if BreauxâÄôs actions were intentional or “some sort of wardrobe malfunction.”