Tobacco store robbed twice in 8 days

by Jessica Steeno

A tobacco store on the 2400 block of University Avenue Southeast was robbed Saturday for the second time in eight days by the same man wielding a hammer.
The man obtained about $1,000 from the two robberies, said Craig Frazier, a cashier at Tobacco Plus and a sophomore English major at the University. Frazier was working at the store with another cashier when it was robbed at about 4 p.m.
The man entered the store and ran behind the counter during both robberies.
“Before I could realize anyone was in the store he was around the counter,” Frazier said.
The man then ordered the cashiers to empty the cash register, which they did.
During Saturday’s robbery the man grabbed Frazier by the back of the neck and threw him to the ground after emptying the cash register.
After both robberies, the man exited the store saying, “Call the police.”
“He watches us from somewhere, because he knows when no one’s in the store,” said Casey Hennessy, the cashier working during the Sept. 20 robbery.

In other police news occurring between Sept. 22 and Monday:
ù Three gunshots were fired into the air Sept. 22 at a party on the 700 block of Eighth Street Southeast, according to a University Police report.
A witness said four men claiming they were freshmen entered the party and said they were trying to meet new people. She said no one at the party knew the men.
The men and an occupant of the apartment got into an argument, the witness said. One of the men punched the occupant, and as party-goers chased the men out of the apartment, one of the men fired three gunshots into the air. No one was seriously injured in the incident and police have no suspects.
ù An unknown man exposed his genitals Sept. 23 to a woman working in the St. Paul Campus Central Library, according to a University Police report.
The woman was working in the periodical section of the library when a man approached her and asked her a question, the police report stated. The victim noticed at this time that the man’s shorts were unzipped and his penis was exposed.
The man fled the area after the incident. Officer Ray Crenshaw said police searched the area three or four times, but did not find the suspect.
ù University Police arrested a man Monday for walking down the middle of Fourth Street Southeast with a bong connected to a gas mask, according to a police report. The bong had marijuana residue in it.
Officers observed three men walking down the middle of the street, and upon stopping them, realized that one of them was carrying a bong, the report stated.
According to the report, the man carrying the bong admitted it was his and said he and the two other men were “just coming from a friend’s house.”