Parties are rigging the primary election

I used to think the United States was a democracy where the people elected the politicians and our votes counted. But that doesn’t seem to be the case in this year’s election.
This year, I’d say the Democrats and Republicans have rigged their primaries and caucuses. And that’s neither democratic nor the American way.
In a democracy, the person with the most votes wins the election. On the Republican side, that person, at this point, is Donald Trump. Personally, I despise Trump, but if he wins, he wins. 
But what I’m hearing is that some party insiders want to give the election not to Trump, and not even to Sen. Ted Cruz, but to some unknown person who the party insiders will choose themselves. Maybe it will be someone who hasn’t even run or has already dropped out of the race.
On the Democrat side, you have a race in Wyoming where Sen. Bernie Sanders defeats former Secretary of State Hillary Clinton 56 to 44 percent. You would think Bernie would get more delegates than Hillary, but you’d be wrong. When Bernie wins, he doesn’t win. Both candidates get half the delegates. 
Why is that? I think it’s because the Democratic Party has rigged the election in favor of Hillary. Superdelegates are politicians electing politicians, usurping the vote of the people.
The two parties make the rules, and the rules are that the vote of the people doesn’t matter. They’re merely giving us the illusion of voting when in fact the elections are rigged from the start. 
I’m refusing to participate in a general election that’s rigged against Sanders and Trump. The people are rising up. We’ve had enough of presidents like George W. Bush and Barack Obama. 
We’re telling the party insiders we want someone else, and we’re not going to stand by and allow our elections to be conducted by the same rules used by dictatorships.
Marc Perkel
Minnesota Daily reader