Student entrepreneurs go head to head in Biz Pitch competition

by Marion Renault


In a Shark Tank-style showdown, 8 finalists will make ninety second business pitches to a panel of entrepreneurs tomorrow at tomorrow’s Biz Pitch competition. Funded by the Gary S. Holmes Center for Entrepreneurship, the contest is offering a grand prize of a thousand dollars for best product idea and pitch.

Its purpose, says John Stavig, the professional director of the Holmes Center, is to “encouraging students to push forward with innovative ideas for new businesses.”

Over the course of the hour-long contest, each student will make their pitch, answer questions from the panel and audience and get feedback from the judges. For judge Ernest Grumbles, the quality of the idea presented isn’t all he’s looking for.

“Whether someone’s got a hundred million dollar idea or a ten thousand dollar idea,” he said “they need to be able to articulate the value of it in a way that resonates with the people they’re trying to reach.”