Net: Hiya hiya hiya. Have you voted yet? As the self-appointed guardians of civic virtue at the University, we’d like to remind all you eligible voters out there that if you can get out to vote today, do it. Registration’s easy — in fact, with the motor voter law chances are decent that you already are. This is your chance to affect your future in a small way, and we’ve got some humdinger races going on.
In the efforts of maintaining our disinterested eye on the political process, we have refrained from making endorsements. However, we hope you make yours with your ballots. Take care — and as one great democrat once said, “Hasta la victoria siempre.”


Net: We notice that our entries have become a bit more philosophical as of late. This one definitely fits. Fans of scatology: You picked the wrong day.
From Geri Kantor: This letter has three purposes: 1. Procrastination — I do not want to study now. Net: A noble endeavor. 2. Vanity — it would be neat to see my words in print. Net: With your own name on it, even. 3. I want to set forth some thoughts for my fellow students to ponder. Net: But you may have come to the wrong place.
A friend of mine told me once that she didn’t have time to be introspective. I think she is doing herself a disservice. As she might be representative of a good portion of the student body, I decided I am going to share my recent soul-searching with Network readers, and perhaps this will encourage their own soul-searching. Net: Or, they may cruelly laugh at you. You are much braver than we are, Geri.
Recent emotional turmoil has led me to ask myself some of the following questions. How do you know what love is? Do you have to lose it first? Does anybody really know what they are doing? Think of your friends. Which of them would walk to the ends of the earth for you? Do you trust any of them with your deepest darkest secrets? Are they your emotional support system or do they just provide entertainment? Would you have the inner strength to pick up and move an ocean away from everyone you know because there is an opportunity for you somewhere else?
Are you really doing what you want to do with your life right now, or are you doing what you think you have to? Could you be just as happy doing something else? Why is it so easy to not change? Is being comfortable and content really all you want out of life? Are you accepting of the person you see when you look in the mirror? Are you proud of that person? Do you love yourself enough to know that nobody can really hurt you? Net: We’re not sure, but we can see the switchboard at University Counseling and Consulting lighting up after those questions.
I realize these solemn thoughts are atypical of Network topics. But I believe something out of the ordinary is healthy. So I adjure (GREAT word!) you, Net, to print it.
One last piece of advice. Don’t fret if you can’t answer these questions. After 22 years of life experience and nearly six years of University courses, I still don’t know very much at all.


From A SWF looking for a SM:
Apparently, a large portion of the student body is blind to the purpose of going to college. It is common knowledge that an institution of higher learning is simply meant to be one large singles bar with an outrageous cover charge. Net: Darn — we knew we were getting something wrong when we started focusing on that degree.
I came here, a campus with one of the largest populations in the nation, to find the perfect man for me. I intend to work as hard as I can to accomplish this goal before my four years run out. Net: Yup. It’s all over then. Might as well join the knitting circle. P.S.: Four years? What kind of freak are you? In my effort to attract a man, I have worn as much makeup and as little clothing as possible. Net: An auspicious start. It is obvious that most of the other women on campus have employed the same tactics to achieve the same goal. Net: Ah-ha! How INAUSPICIOUS! Perhaps you should work on acquiring a personality — that could really throw some guys for a loop.
Yet, the men on campus are completely oblivious to the role they play here at school. They continually fail to dress well or to make themselves attractive in any way. Net: Why should they, when women do all the work? How can the women on campus be expected to find decent men when none of them even look good? Net: Say hello. See if they respond. On behalf of myself and all the other women at the U, I am pleading for the males on campus to please improve their appearance! Net: Yeah! Throw those baseball caps in the trash and GRAB THAT GQ! My future depends upon it! After all, this is what I came to college for.


From Keys: I have been reading your column for the last couple of weeks now. A lot of people have written to you in that time, and it seems like the subject matter has been getting a little stale, so here’s a new idea.
Have you ever looked at the bulletin boards on campus? I have noticed, especially on the circular ones in Northrop Mall, that though there may be hundreds of papers and announcements on them, it is impossible to see all of them; sometimes you can only see a couple.
This is because some selfish, arrogant group thinks it is the only one that has information people ought to read, and that group covers up the other info! How outrageous is that?! I don’t see how a group can expect people to be interested in their stuff alone. Everyone has different tastes.
How would they like it if another group did that to them? I would just like to know what they think gives them the right to do this!