Spring (fashion) forward

As you might have guessed, I subscribe to myriad magazines, mainly fashion or style-oriented. Much to my delight, three of my favorites – Harper’s Bazaar, Vogue and ELLE – arrived within 24 hours of each other. There are two big months in fashion magazines: September and March. The former, of course, is dedicated to covering fall and winter looks du jour, and the latter is all about spring specialties. These magazines ring in at astounding page numbers, such as 660 in Vogue’s March issue. Why is it, then, that I can hardly read a 16-page article for my American studies class, but can – in one very daring sitting – read a magazine cover to cover?

To help you, of course, and to play “hottie and the nottie” with spring trends in the space of one column. What I adore about this spring is the fun designers are having with color, patterns and prints. In one corner, we have Miuccia Prada who’s seemingly outdone herself with some big-shot illustrator. She’s adorned all those feathery, fly-away garments with pictures of fairies and butterflies. While this may seem abhorrent and completely juvenile, I ask you to look again. Ten bucks says you see those same damn fairies on Gap tanks come next fall, or some Old Navy clearance bin next winter.

Playing along a similar theme is the floral frenzy across all design fields – Dries Van Norten, Prada, Dolce & Gabbana, Escada – and the list could go on. To make it even better, the flower power is all about dresses – spunky, flirty and totally Dior New Look circa late ’40s (think A-line meets poodle skirt all in one). My mom heard something about this from one of those cougar commentators on E! during the Oscars red carpet, and she immediately claimed that her mom had tons of dresses like this. If only she would’ve kept them. But don’t think you have to scour grandma’s trunks or spend thousands to stay on trend. All retailers, including my favorites, J. Crew and Banana Republic, will be supplying the new looks.

I absolutely love art, and if I could grow up to be the next Andy Warhol – just without the “factory” and all the drug binges – I’d sh-t twice and die. Until then, we can all relish in the art-inspired garb flashing its painterly ways in all the stores. My favorites are the YSL bags that look like Dairy Queen dip cones, just made of canvas and colored red instead of brown. On the other end, we have a real art deco trend, with geometric and Mark Rothko-esque boxes of color. To see this movement in major fashion action, I suggest looking at Chloé, Marc Jacobs and Miu Miu.

Could men’s trends be any more dull? One thing I can say is they tend to mimic women’s just a tad. H&M is showing a lot of black and gold, and, of course, striped cardigans like the rest of the retail world. If I could name one thing all guys should invest in this season, it would be a trench coat, or at least a longer coat such as a macintosh. Not only will they be super stylish now, but also in 20 years. Take that for longevity.

And lastly, it’s time for some birthday treats, because it’s my birthday today! That’s right, I’m 22, which means I’m almost mid-20s, which means I’m almost 30; scary! In honor of mi cumpleaños, I’m going to make my Project Runway prediction because the finale is tonight. Talk about the best birthday present ever Ö well, almost. Drum roll please: my prediction for season four’s Project Runway winner is: Christian. Betch has my glasses in a different color and my fierceness, so obviously I’m going to pick him. But seriously, I think overall he’s done the best, and I don’t know how he could possibly screw up his final collection.

It’s official: Spring has sprung! Be sure to check out A&E next week (Thursday) for a little spring fashion treat. We’ve dreamed up a whole gaggle of looks to get your gams all jazzed just in time for spring break!

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