Frostbitten UMD student plans on returning to school

by Vanessa Nyarko

University of Minnesota-Duluth student Alyssa Lommel was found unconscious on her neighbor's porch in the frigid cold on Dec. 7, 2013, Fox 9 reported.

Lommel was found by a passerby after passing out in -17 degree weather last December.

She suffered severe frostbite that resulted in the amputation of parts of her hands and feet, the Star Tribune reported.

Four months later Lommel is walking normally and no longer needs special boots to protect skin grafts on her heels.

She uses special tools to put on makeup and feed herself, and can even text and use touch-screen computers, the Star Tribune reported.

Lommel plans on retuning back to UMD in the fall to continue her studies of psychology and sociology.

Alyssa Lommel now plans on becoming a social worker due to her accident to help people, she told the Star Tribune.