Archambault interview creates new allegations

When former University basketball player Russ Archambault broke a window in a bar fight two years ago, head basketball coach Clem Haskins footed the bill, Archambault told investigators Saturday afternoon.
The confession is a result of more than four and a half hours of interviews investigators had with Archambault over the weekend, in which he told investigators Haskins gave him cash on eight to 10 separate occasions. The allegations were confirmed by former tutor Jan Gangelhoff, who informed investigators that Archambault and two other players told her they received cash payments from Haskins.
Gangelhoff met with investigators Michael Glazier and Donald Lewis and NCAA investigator Stephanie Hannah over the weekend in more than 18 hours of interviews.
Because Gangelhoff refused to sign a document saying she wouldn’t talk publicly about the investigation, Hannah took a silent role in the interviews with Gangelhoff.
Gangelhoff informed the investigators that three players — Archambault, Courtney James and Charles Thomas — told her of money they had received from Haskins.
Haskins has denied the allegations, and will not comment on the investigation. James denies receiving any money, but has specified that Thomas did indeed get money from Haskins.
Gangelhoff’s attorney, Jim Lord, said investigators will most likely interview Gangelhoff several more times this week. As of Saturday, only about 272 of the more than 400 papers Gangelhoff says she wrote for members of the men’s basketball team had been discussed.
The other tutor who claims she wrote papers for the team, Jeanne Payer, has not yet been questioned by investigators, and no date has been set for meetings with her. Payer is Gangelhoff’s sister.

— Compiled from wire and staff reports