Praise for ‘Executive order prompts legal questions’

Many unhappy United States citizens have shared their anger after the announcement of the president’s executive order regarding immigration. Myths of immigrants stealing jobs, hurting our economy and causing higher crime rates fuel these angry people, who have no realreason for disagreement with the order.

I praise your paper for sharing awareness of a group, the Law School’s Center

for New Americans, which is doing its part in the fight against this discrimination. Hopefully, it will inspire others to do the same.

The community needs to realize the reality of these myths, and thereafter contribute to the welcoming and aiding of these potentially new U.S. citizens. All immigrants contribute to the economy by paying taxes and performing labor.

The number of native-born, low-wage workers is declining. Immigrants are playing a vital role in offsetting that fall, not stealing jobs. The undocumented immigrant population doubled between 1994 and 2005, while violent crime dropped by 34 percent and property crimes dropped by 32 percent.

Would that statistic hold true if immigrants were the ones committing crimes? Immigrants contribute to society just as much as any other citizen. Americans need to stop spreading stereotypes and open their eyes to the benefits that accepting immigrants will bring.