Greeks get medieval

Brian Close

Dragons, castles and … Goldy? This bizarre combination of sights awaits University Avenue commuters as the greeks prepare for Homecoming with the building of themed housefronts.
Constructed by teams of two fraternities and one sorority, the housefronts are often constructed of scaffolding, chicken wire and tissue paper, and end up resembling large, stationary floats.
Many houses began erecting the housefronts Saturday, although most said preparations had gone on for months. Other fraternity members worked with sorority cheer teams in hopes of winning the upcoming cheer competition.
Sigma Chi members Jeremy Power and Aaron Schumm said they hoped to finish their housefront by Thursday night.
“But we’ll probably still be putting it up Friday night,” Power said.
Several houses reported that the budget for their respective housefronts was $2000. Some plan to automate portions of the housefront.
Each front must fit with the Homecoming theme: “Let’s get medieval.” Some cheer teams also built their performances around the theme.
The cheer competition calls for two-and-a-half minute cheers, which must consist of at least one minute of cheering. The other time can be spent on dance or acrobatic stunts.
Nikki Clay, of Gamma Phi Beta, organized and led the house’s cheer team. Her team, consisting of members of her house, along with Beta Theta Pi and Delta Chi members, has practiced for several hours every other day, she said.
“Nikki started with a very small talent pool, and we’re pulling it together,” said JoAnn Capadona, one of the cheer team members.
Ten greek teams and eight residence hall teams will perform on Tuesday on the St. Paul Mall from 2 p.m. to 5 p.m. Finals will be held at the Superblock from 4 p.m. to 5:30 p.m. Wednesday.